Chilli BBQ Pork Jerky 95g (2-3 slices)

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Chilli BBQ Pork Jerky 95g (2-3 slices)

  • Simply the best Dried Meat in Malaysia
  • King of dried meat
  • First dried meat brand to receive international certification
  • Inaugural Malaysian Brand Award for the Food sector.


"Children are often clumsy eaters and although the thought of their tiny hands barely able to grasp a large piece of BBQ jerky may be cute, it is not practical. For that very reason, we have innovated our products into auspicious gold coin shapes so that our younger clients are able to enjoy the BBQ jerky, without the frustration! Slices might vary depending on weight."



Slice Pork/Gold Coin Pork: Pork (74%), Sugar, Fish Gravy, Vegetable Oil, Peanut oil, sesame oil, smoke flavour (silicon dioxide (551)), flavouring, flavour enhancer (621, 631, 627), mineral salt (451.452.450.341), antioxidant (316), preservative (250, 252), emulsifier (471)


Allergy Advice contains: Fish sauce, peanut, sesame

Made in Australia from at least 88% Australian ingredients