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Eu Yan Sang

Qi & Blood Nourishing Tea 115g 余仁生党参红枣茶

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Eu Yan Sang Qi & Blood Nourishing Tea (Red Date Tea) 115g 余仁生党参红枣茶

Contains Dangshen (Radix Codonopsis), jujube (red dates) and longan which in combination aids in nourishing the blood, especially beneficial for ladies during confinement and for postnatal nourishment.

Dangshen is traditionally used in China and Korea for replenishing energy (Qi) deficiency and strengthening the immune system. Red dates are traditionally used to nourish the body during confinement while dried longan is traditionally used to nourish and warms the heart and spleen.

Ingredients: Fructus Jujubae (Red Dates), Radix Codonopsis, Arillus Longan, Fructus Lycii, Fructus Jujubae (Black Dates), Radix Astragali.

How to Use
Add one packet of Eu Yan Sang Qi & Blood herbs with1500ml of water (or more if desired)  with 300g of meat (or mock meat for vegetarian) into a conventional cooker. Bring to a boil then simmer over low heat for 1.5 hours.


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