Sliced BBQ Pork Jerky 250g (5-6 slices)

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Sliced BBQ Pork Jerky 250g (5-6 slices)

  • Simply the best Dried Meat in Malaysia
  • King of dried meat
  • First dried meat brand to receive international certification
  • Inaugural Malaysian Brand Award for the Food sector.


"For our customers who love to chew, we are pleased to inform you that our sliced pork BBQ jerky is the way to go. Only skilled artisan meat handlers are employed as the process is tedious and requires many years of experience in handling the delicate slices of lean muscle. Nevertheless, we assure you that the extra effort will be rewarded with a much more pronounced flavour."



Slice Pork/Gold Coin Pork: Pork (74%), Sugar, Fish Gravy, Vegetable Oil, Peanut oil, sesame oil, smoke flavour (silicon dioxide (551)), flavouring, flavour enhancer (621, 631, 627), mineral salt (451.452.450.341), antioxidant (316), preservative (250, 252), emulsifier (471)


Allergy Advice contains: Fish sauce, peanut, sesame

Made in Australia from at least 88% Australian ingredients