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Vietnam -

If you are in Vietnam travelling to Huế from Danang or Hội An, Try Bánh cuốn from Quán Bà Sửu. Originated from Northern Vietnam, Bánh cuốn is a Vietnamese steamed rice rolled sheets dish. This version from Quán Bà Sửu is served separately with side dishes: bean sprouts salads, fresh vegetables, roast pork, dipping sauce, raw garlics and chillies. The locals visiting the area often have Bánh cuốn with a glass of hot tea. What awesome ways to experience local food in Vietnam! Quán Bà Sửu is located about 40 minutes drive south of Huế city centre or about 15 minutes drive south of Phu...

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Indonesia -

From finger food snacks to salad and high carb foods, here are our top 10 picks of Indonesian's favourite breakfast you must try!

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