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How to make Galactic Lemon Squash (Absolutely Magical!)

How to make Galactic Lemon Squash (Absolutely Magical!)

How to make Galactic Lemon Squash! Absolutely Magical!



  • Two lemons (one full lemon for one glass. Second lemon for presentation)
  • MyBlueTea Blue Butterfly pea dried flower or powder. Get them below
  • Sparkling water or mineral water
  • Plain shaved-ice



  1. Soak a scoup of blue pea dried flowers in hot water until cools down. Then freeze overnight
  2. Blend the blue coloured ice to make blue shaved-ice (or use ice-shave machine). Don't forget to make plain shaved ice too if you don't have it!
  3. Sliced one lemon and squeeze lemon juice into a small cup. Separate the seeds. Thin slice the second lemon and leave aside for use later.
  4. Add plain shaved-ice into an empty glass. Fill the glass half-full. Then pour lemon juice into the glass.
  5. Fill the rest of the glass with blue pea coloured shaved-ice and then fill up the glass with sparkling water. Let the water run through the blue coloured shaved-ice. Watch the colour transform!
  6. Add sliced lemon for presentation and there you have it! Galactic Lemon Squash!


Perfect for gatherings, dinner or just on a hot summer day! Kids absolutely love this!


Get your blue butterfly pea dried flower or powder below!




The blue butterfly pea is a South East Asia native plant. The blue coloured flower gives out a natural blue colouring. It is an alternative to artificial colouring with added health benefits, a superfood not to be missed! Check out the health benefits at is an authorised retailer and distributor of MyBlueTea products. For commercial enquiries or bulk purchases, please email us at

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