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Nasi Lemak Macarons, anyone?

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Nasi Lemak Macarons, anyone?

Invented by a Malaysian pastry chef, Jeffery Liew from Adelaide, Nasi Lemak Macarons is unheard of! Imagine sambal buttercream sandwiched between two coconut flavoured macaron shells, plus the rice puffs and crunchy peanuts just like in a real Nasi Lemak, the Malaysian favourite dish! Topping it off is the ikan bilis (fried anchovy), giving the macaron that beautiful aroma unique only to Nasi Lemak !

Founder and pastry chef of Cheffery’s Kitchen, Jeffery often fantasized a fusion of French pastries with Malaysian/Asian flavours. So instead of baking typical sweet macarons filled with ganache, buttercream or jam, he decided to introduce Malaysian flavours to his French pastries. After several months and multiple attempts, he succeeded in creating his signature pastry – the delectable Nasi Lemak Macaron. It took him a year to perfect this Nasi Lemak Macaron as he tried to put every element from the original Nasi Lemak dish into the macaron.

Nasi Lemak  is the national dish in Malaysia and macaron is an iconic French symbol. I thought that by combining the two, you can get the best of both countries. As macarons are naturally sweet, I thought making a savoury macaron with spiciness from the sambal would help balance the sweetness”, says the passionate Malaysian pastry chef who is constantly thinking of ideas to combine Malaysian/Asian flavours into French pastries.

Inspired by Heston Blumenthal who creates food with a multi-sensory experience, he decided to top the macaron with the fried anchovy because it looked cool and made the macaron smell just like Nasi Lemak. “Some of my customers have named it the ‘anchovy macaron’ which is quite unique!”, says Jeffery.

He also credited the success of Nasi Lemak Macaron to his wife, Mei Ling, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. “I think it is harder to make a dessert that she likes than auditioning for MasterChef”.

Jeffery can always be found in the kitchen, crafting his fantasies of French pastries with Malaysian/Asian flavours into reality. “This Nasi Lemak macaron definitely represents me, a pure Malaysian at heart who just loves French pastries!” said Jeffery. Cheffery's Kitchen Nasi Lemak Macarons are currently only available in Adelaide.

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Pictured below: Jeffery and his wife, Mei Ling

Jeffrey and his wife, Mei Ling 

Pictured below: Jeffery and Mei Ling at their stall in Adelaide market

Jeffrey and Mei Ling at their stall in Adelaide market

Pictured below: Some kuih (cakes) and macarons made by Jeffery

Some kuih and macarons made by Jeffrey