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        Chinese New Year is a cardinal celebration for Chinese people all over the world. Chinese New Year date varies from year to year according to the alignment of the moon (second new moon after the winter solstice) [1]. Chinese often refers to the Chinese lunar calendar to determine the date each year. This year, Chinese New Year falls on the 5th of February 2019. Other Asian races may also celebrate another form of new year as nation-wide holidays which is generally known as the "Lunar New Year".           A fortnight before the celebration,...

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Often found in Malaysia, Kek Lapis is a spiced multilayered cake that comes in a variety of colours and designs. In Malaysian language, Kek literally means cake while lapis means layer. Hence, it is also often known as layered cake.   Originated from Jakarta, Indonesia, Kek Lapis possibly gained it's popularity in Sarawak, Malaysia and quickly spread throughout the country as well as to Singapore and Brunei. During festive seasons or on special occasions in these countries, it is common for hosts to serve Kek Lapis to their guests.   Pictured above: Kek Lapis, baked cake (Source: 1) Pictured above: Kuih Lapis, steamed cake (Source: 2) Kek Lapis must...

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Invented by a Malaysian pastry chef, Jeffery Liew from Adelaide, Nasi Lemak Macarons is unheard of! Imagine sambal buttercream sandwiched between two coconut flavoured macaron shells, plus the rice puffs and crunchy peanuts just like in a real Nasi Lemak, the Malaysian favourite dish! Topping it off is the ikan bilis (fried anchovy), giving the macaron that beautiful aroma unique only to Nasi Lemak ! Founder and pastry chef of Cheffery’s Kitchen, Jeffery often fantasized a fusion of French pastries with Malaysian/Asian flavours. So instead of baking typical sweet macarons filled with ganache, buttercream or jam, he decided to introduce Malaysian flavours...

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