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[Review] SAMBAL @ Macquarie Park, Sydney

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[Review] SAMBAL @ Macquarie Park, Sydney

Longing for delicious Malaysian food with a hint of authentic Asian spices in Sydney?

This Hidden Gem might be the place for you!

Located at Lane Cove Road of Macquarie Park, Sambal brings you back to the ambience and atmosphere in Malaysia. The servers are very friendly and responsive - and I personally enjoy the extensive choice of delicious tasteful yum-yums; Love the rendang and the satay!

There is a famous phrase in Malaysia; "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" which means walking around looking places to eat/ cruising for food. Malaysians can walk around for hours to satisfy their appetite. Also, we do not mind queueing up for food if they taste delicious.

If you're like me - a born and bred Malaysian away from home desperately longing to "makan" (it means eat in Malay), then you would understand the feeling of wanting to fly back home ever so regularly with a list of food that you miss so much. Fortunately, I discovered this place with the power of technology (yes, thank God for the internet) and I basically embodied the flash and got there as quickly as I could.

Take a look at this wonderful looking Roti & Curry!

Needless to say, I left with a happy tummy.


Cari Makan now at Sambal, Macquarie Park!


- By Lyn @ SavourOfAsia